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Private Client - Westcott Farm

Integrating contemporary living and environmental technologies into a 450 year farmhouse.

Mowat & Company were architects on the refurbishment and extension of a cob cottage on the edge of Exmoor to create a low energy family home.

The challenge was ensuring a good environmental performance whilst respecting the historic fabric of the building. The solution was to create a new two-storey extension wrapping around the back wall of the cottage, to create a double height gallery and enable the reinstatement of the original cottage rooms.

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The project incorporated technologies including solar hot water heating, a lean burn water compensated boiler, insulation from recycled newspapers and wind turbines.

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‘Extending and refurbishing this building has been very rewarding as it has given new life not just to the building but to the active farm, the family and the village.’

Alex Mowat
Mowat & Company