The brief was to create a coherent and enjoyable customer experience that enabled customers to browse, try out new wines and to get advice from the Berry Bros. & Rudd wine experts. Our main challenge was in balancing the updating of the 3500sq ft former bottling room whilst retaining the essence of the company’s long established history.

A component-based system allows staff to flex the layout and to use the store for large events. A separate fine wine room is within an enclosed space. The main range is in a lighter, brighter space where the bottles are displayed in their original wooden boxes to reflect their provenance.

54 enamel lights form a central spine throughout the store creating a focus and highlighting the different tasting units, which allow customers to try before they buy. 

"The new store design seeks to make customer navigation simpler, allowing customers to explore the regional wines on offer. The new palette of materials seeks to connect customers with the rich textures, materials and typographic styles of the wine trade. The new store is simultaneously a simpler and richer experience."

Alex Mowat, Founding Director, Mowat & Company