This exhibition took over all three of the temporary galleries at the V&A to take visitors on a chronological journey through the development of splendour, craftsmanship and opulence of the Indian Maharaja’s. The spaces started with the traditional processions on elephants and culminated in the 20th Century with a full size Rolls Royce and photographs by Man Ray.

We lead a team of lighting specialists, set builders, cabinet makers to create an exhibition which included life sized models of elephants and horses, flying silk carpets and displays for a multimillion pound diamond male necklace. Materials used in the exhibition included gold leaf, brushed aluminium and red si.

Visitor’s to the exhibition were able to see exhibits not previously assembled in one location to give them a unique overview of the splendour of the Royal Courts across a vast timescale and continent.

"What Mowat & Company gave us was beautiful and atmospheric spaces, which echoed and enhanced the splendour and magnificence of the works on display without detracting from them.  It was a wonderful design of a quality suggestive of a permanent gallery rather than a temporary exhibition."

Anna Jackson, Curator, V&A