Oak: Building, Growing and Manufacturing 

An exhibition at Adrem Gallery as part of London Design Festival 2018.

In our work we often come back to one material: Oak. This timber endures because of its physical density, durability and colour but also because of its associations in our minds and culture.

The exhibition has been split into three sections: Building, Growing and Manufacturing.

Building will exhibit our architectural design work with oak and display various finishes and application of the material, providing insight into the versatility of oak. This section will also provide visitors with an understanding of how oak can be integrated into the built environment by design, a material that wears in and does not wear out.

Growing will highlight the different species of oak that we use and how we ensure that is used sustainably. Our founding director, Alex Mowat annually plants acorns in the southwest of England and is hugely knowledgeable about the species and planting. We want to let Londoners know how they can do the same by displaying a map of green spaces in London where the best acorns for planting can be found. 

Manufacturing will showcase the award-winning products we have designed and manufactured, including door handles, handrails, and bespoke wine racks, some of which have been specified by Stirling prize-winning dRMM, Jasper Morrison and Herzog and De Meuron.

Events programme

Friends & Colleagues Private View
Thursday 13th September

Public Talks

Monday 17th Sept 6.30 pm - Click here to book

Wednesday 19th Sept 6.30 pm- Click here to book

Thursday 20th Sept 6.30 pm- Click here to book