Our Approach


We believe that good design unlocks hidden opportunities.

We are an independent company of architects, designers and lateral thinkers who find elegant - often unexpected - solutions. Our work is always imaginative and underpinned by history and analysis.

What we build is enjoyed by customers of some of the world’s most respected organisations. Brands ranging from The National Gallery and Peabody Housing Trust to Marks and Spencer. We also partner with some people you may not have heard of, but who are the very best at what they do.

We are loyal to our clients and are proud that they say we don’t let them down. We have built our business almost exclusively on their recommendations.

Our work wears in and does not wear out. It improves wellbeing, enriches culture and drives profitability.


Our services


Urban Planning

Designing large sites and property portfolios.


Designing buildings that can adapt and endure.

Interior Design

Designing interior spaces for working, learning and retail.

Exhibitions & Museums

Designing museums and exhibitions that communicate your message.

Product Design

Designing products for architecture.