Alex Mowat explains why Mowat & Company recently switched to 100% renewable fuel.

When we moved studio in central London we tried everything to lower our bills. We insulated the new studio. We installed super-efficient underfloor electric heating. We installed low energy lighting. In our crowded city location we were not able to find a unshaded place to put our own solar panels. We lowered our energy consumption but we did not eliminate it.

Imagine how delighted we were recently to be able to make the switch to a 100% renewable source of electricity. Imagine how happy we were when we found a 100% renewable electricity at a lower cost than we were paying.

As an independent company, with small needs we don’t have huge buying power. We do have the freedom to choose our own partners quickly and on our own terms. In this case we signed up immediately.

We don’t have long to reduce the huge, ugly impact of climate change. So if you are still using fossil fuels for your business and want to see if you can lower your emissions and costs we suggest that sign up

Thank you to the good people at Good Energy.

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