Concept Visual of Berry Bros. and Rudd Office Renovation

Berry Bros. & Rudd - Offices

It is easy to think that wine merchants spend a lot of their working life stimulated by interesting places. Visiting vineyards, chateaux, distilleries, cellars and great restaurants. You might think our clients at Berry Bros. & Rudd in St. James’s are even luckier as they also spend time in their historic wine school, vaulted hospitality cellars and of course the ground floor shop. The reality is a bit different: like the rest of us they spend a lot of time at their desks in the offices above the shop. These are the spaces that customer’s don’t see.

We know that most of our time is spent in offices. They are not simply our places of work, but the fundamentals of any business. In the case of our clients Berry Bros. & Rudd they are also the hub of business ideas and growth; effectively the mechanics of all business operations. The three P’s of business; People, Planet and Profit, are fundamental to our works as architects and more importantly to our clients. Like us, businesses such as Berry Bros. & Rudd understand that a happy team is a productive team, and this begins by establishing healthy working environments.

Visual of Berry Bros. and Rudd Office Renovation

Our most recent works have centred on Berry Bros. & Rudd’s office spaces. It has involved improving health and wellbeing of people, the architectural restoration of a historic place, operational modernisation to improve profitability. The offices are spread over several inter-connected listed buildings with all the character and idiosyncrasies that come with this.

Conceptual Mood Board of Berry Bros. and Rudd Office Renovation

To source the furniture and products we worked with independent, local and ethical suppliers. We believe it is important working with local companies as it builds local connections and more significantly helps to reduce waste and pollutants produced in transportation. The desks and storage have been supplied by Another Country who make contemporary craft furniture. Chairs and equipment have been supplied by Twentytwentyone, another local independent company based in Islington.

The Process

The works have involved 3 separate listed building applications, each one important in maintaining the existing fabric of the historic building. Throughout the work, we have facilitated 65 people to continue their jobs around the refurbishment, re-taking their places in the renewed spaces. As we know, continuity is always important for business and profitability!

The construction was undertaken by Cumberland Group and their London based team. Their knowledge of the locality was vital to working within the centre of London. The construction team have carefully undertaken the work in 5 phases so as not to disturb BB&R’s operations.

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