Stackable Wooden Wine Racks Designed by Mowat and Company

Inspiration from an age old tradition

There is an old problem in wine cellars: How to store as many wine bottles of different shapes and sizes without wasting precious space or having many different sized racks.

Over 300 years the cellarmen at London’s oldest wine merchant have perfected a technique of stacking wine bottles, by balancing small wooden wedges that is far more efficient than standard racks. To balance bottles of all different sizes in this way takes skill and years of experience but saves precious space.

Having worked as architects in the design of these cellars Mowat & Company have designed a wine rack that brings this space-saving solution to everyone at home.

Wine Racks With Handles Made from Timber and Designed by Mowat and Company
Product Design_Wine Rack.gif

Limited edition

The racks are available in a limited edition of 50.

140mm H x 498mm W X 235mm D

The limited edition are for sale. Please email if you would like to purchase some.


The wine racks can stack on top of each other with a small groove that ensures they are stable. The stacks allow you to create large walls of wine, or fit into small corners or even under-stairs. Alternatively the racks neatly fit within a standard kitchen cupboard.

Wine Rack Grooves for Stacking Bottles Designed by Mowat and Company

Digital fabrication & Craftsmanship

The racks are made by highly skilled craftsmen in Bristol and are finished in Natural foodsafe oil.

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