Masterplan of Building Research Establishment (BRE) Campus Aerial

BRE Property Strategy - Watford

This property Strategy for the Building Research Establishment integrates business, research and public uses on their campus.

The BRE has occupied the site at Garston in Hertfordshire for nearly a century undertaking research and testing for the construction industry. Our masterplan was developed with the BRE’s expert team to show how the site could be opened up to the public and to welcome in new collaborative ways of working and disseminating information.

Visual of Building Research Establishment (BRE) Facade

Since the BRE’s beginnings in 1920 the site has been closed. We developed the masterplan to enable a more open and collaborative working method for 2020 and beyond. The plan has several stages in order that it can be implemented as the BRE grows. The first stage incorporates new area of landscaping, car parking as well as a new nursery for the staff’s children. The second is a new 4 storeys “Open Innovation Hub”. Later stages include new laboratories and test buildings for retail and healthcare.

The new campus will be open and will enable the BRE to work in new ways, and with new partners for another century.

Visual of Building Research Establishment (BRE) Internal Staircase

The design process

The process involved technical design of key areas

  • Planning & constructing new permeable car parking

  • Relocating the BRE nursery for children of BRE staff and locals.

  • Obtaining Planning permission for a new HVAC laboratory

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